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Fineshine is a high technology research company founded by a group of Canadian Scientists. Since 2001, Fineshine has focused on research and development in new coatings technology and has made revolutionary breakthroughs on Ultrafine powder coatings.

Ultrafine Powder coating has reduced thickness, and an increased smoothness, which greatly enhances the quality of the coating while significantly reducing its cost. This groundbreaking product will bring about revolutionary changes in the powder coatings industry. Ultrafine Powder coatings technology (FineshinePowder™) is called the second generation of powder coatings and brings great value to customers.

Fineshine is also a leading enterprise in the research and development of applications using nanotechnology within the coatings industry. The development of a grime-resistant self-cleaning fluoropolymer coating technology that Fineshine Tech has developed may be of great value to the market.

Fineshine seeks to expand and plans to open up overseas markets in the years to come. The most notable high-tech products of Fineshine include variants of the Ultrafine powder coatings, fluoropolymer powder coatings, super hard powder coatings, nylon powder coatings, and liquid PVDF coil and spray coatings to fulfill the needs of the market.

Creating value with high technology



An introduction to Fineshine’s innovative technologies and products. Includes PVDF fluoropolymer powder coating technology, Ultrafine Powder coating technology, metal powder coating technology, and nanotechnology.


Product details. Includes powder coating products and liquid coating products, with technical information and operation manuals which are available for download.


Applications and the Market
The field of application for our products includes commercial and residential construction, the automotive industry, house-hold appliances, and general industry. Includes information and descriptions on related areas of application.



1) Feb 15. 2012, Japanese Partnership
Fineshine has set up a partnership relation with San-oh Co.,Ltd.. San-oh is a powder coatings manufacturer of Japan and has partnered with Fineshine to promote PVDF powder coatings in the Japan market. A powder blending center will be built in Japan for stable and quick delivering of PVDF powder coatings, as well as other advanced technical powder coatings products.

2) Feb 15, 2012, Significant Breakthrough in Coil Powder Coatings
A 20-25 micron film thickness of ultrafine powder coating has been made for coil coating. It passed 1000 hours of salt spray testing of GB standard, and a set of coating equipment has been designed to equip on existing liquid coil coating lines. Production testing was carried on at low speed aluminum coil lines. Coil power coating, at high speed, one baking, with smooth and thin film, is expected for production line aluminum and steel coil coating within a short timeframe.

3) Feb 15, 2012, Fluorofine™ PVDF fluoropolymer powder coatings has been certified by of Qualicoat
PVDF powder coatings has been certified as Qualicoat class 3 powder coatings. Class 3 represents the highest durability quality of the external products in the Qualicoat standard.

4) Oct 8, 2011, High Quality Nylon Powder Coatings put into the market
Ultrafine Nylon powder coatings with special formulation provides smooth thin film coating with excellent adhesion and application properties. For example, it is easy to coat by spray guns rather than flow beds, which represents a big change for the nylon application industry.

5) Oct 10, 2008, 70% PVDF powder coatings has been set as the national standard product in China
The Chinese national standard of “Aluminum panels for building decoration (GB/T 23443-2009) specifies 70% PVDF powder coating, more than 30 microns film thickness, as highest quality coating for external building” .