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        Fineshine is a company that specializes in new technologies explored by high-tech research groups in Canada. Having adopted the new and original Ultrafine Powder Fluidization Technology, Fineshine has become the world leader in Ultrafine Powder Coating development and production. Unlike normal powder coatings, Ultrafine Powder Coating has reduced thickness and a increased smoothness, greatly enhancing the quality of the coating while significantly reducing its cost. This groundbreaking product from our company will bring about revolutionary changes in the powder coatings industry.

         Fineshine is also a leading enterprise in the research and development of applications using nanotechnology within the coatings industry. The development of a grime-resistant self-cleaning fluoropolymer coating technology that Fineshine Tech has pioneered is also of great value to the market.

        The company puts great importance in opening up to overseas markets and seeks to expand in the years to come. The most notable high-tech products of Fineshine’s Shanghai factory include variants of Ultrafine Powder coating, fluoropolymer powder paint, and various grime-resistant self-cleaning coatings to fulfill the needs of the Asian market.

Creating value with high technology

About Fineshine