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  Automobile Industry Powder Coatings

        Fineshine is an all around supplier for the automobile component part surfaces. Based on Ultrafine Powder technology, by using our line of automobile powder coatings products, one can greatly cut coating costs. We currently supply a complete line of powder coatings directed towards automobile component parts.

        Our products satisfy customers' aesthetical, physical, and chemical demands; we are able to apply our products to Aluminum or steel wheel hubs, car bottoms, exterior car parts, and the car body itself. Using Ultrafine Powder liquidization technology we can achieve a remarkably smooth surface and relatively thin coating layer, creating a quality economical coating.

        Being environmentally friendly, of high quality, and economical are the strong points of powder coatings. The automobile industry already largely use powder coatings for various interior component parts, but because of the demanding level of smoothness required, powder coatings has never been used for the car body surface. With increasing pressure for eco-friendly and economic products, the automobile manufacturing industry's need has grown for such a powder coating. The development of our new Ultrafine Powder coatings at Fineshine has gained the support and appreciation of major automobile manufacturers alike, pointing towards further progress. Fineshine are currently developing more products for automobiles.

Series of automobile powder coatings
  Automobile Wheel Hub Powder Primer
        If the automobile's wheel hub primer were to be fairly thick, buffing it to remove the orange-peel texture would require a large amount of man-power. Only after can the top coat and clear coat or clear powder be applied. Use of Ultrafine Powder on the wheel hub can exempt large areas of it from the buffing process, requiring it only to undergo repairs of local defects on the Aluminum material. The Ultrafine Wheel Hub Powder Primer is both smooth and uniform, and a prime choice for the automobile wheel hub.
  Automobile Wheel Hub Powder Top Coat
        The top coats on automobiles currently all use liquid coatings, but our Ultrafine Powder has the level smoothness to completely replace liquid coatings, while improving quality, cutting down on costs, and reducing harmful air pollutants.
  Automobile Wheel Hub Clear Powder
        Acrylic Clear Powder has better corrosion-resistant capabilities and better scratch-resistant properties than liquid Acrylic clear coat, but because of the coats' high thickness, the cost is two times that of the liquid coating. Liquid coatings thus occupy a larger portion in the industry. With our Ultrafine Acrylic Powder, the cost is greatly decreased, while the coating smoothness increases, giving it the prospect to completely replace liquid coatings.
  Automobile Body Powder Primer
        Europe and the America's use a lot of powder coatings for the primer even thought one of its shortcomings is its low uniformity and level of smoothness. Ultrafine Powder can completely solve this problem, giving it tremendous application value.
  Automobile Body Clear Powder
        There are now applications of car clear primer finish coats using powder coatings, but the orange-peel crinkles are still fairly severe. The production procedure itself also has a number of problems. The Acrylic Clear Powder we have developed has a level of smoothness that can compete with that of liquid coatings. With its adhesive properties, scratch-resistant properties being distinctly better than liquid Acrylic, along with being more environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and economical, it has the potential to replace all liquid Acrylic coatings. Acrylic Clear powder can also be used in other high-grade applications such as bicycles, acoustic devices, and cell phones.