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FineShine – Pioneer of Powder Coatings for Application Equipment

        Fineshine is an all around supplier for the surfaces of automobile component parts. By using our line of automobile powder coatings products which employ the Ultrafine Powder technology, coating costs can be greatly cut down. We currently supply a complete line of powder coatings directed at automobile parts.

        Our products attempt at satisfying customers' aesthetical, physical, and chemical demands.

        High smoothness applications - high-class household appliances, decorative ornaments, and flat-surfaced furniture. Our product can completely replace liquid coatings, while meeting all types of needs in terms of coating smoothness.

         Applications for thin coating layers - used in car horn metal mesh-nets, springs, and electronic parts, components that require a very low film thickness. These are parts that also require a fairly low cost coating production.

        Wood and MDF medium-density plate applications - extremely compact and smooth. When cured at 120 degree's Celsius it achieves the ideal coating effect, increasing the value of the medium-density plate.

         Plastics and top-grade aluminum product applications- the aluminum alloy powder primer could replace the widely used liquid primer; Can be used to coat metal electronic surfaces, including notebook computers and computer cases.

  • Polyfine 7000
  • Ultrafine Low-Temperature Cured Powder Coatings
  • Polyfine 4000
  • Ultrafine UV-Cured Powder Coatings

    Advantages of Polyfine 7000 & 4000
    • smooth and thin surface
    • lower environmental impact
    • single coating layer operation
    • more efficient