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Welded Cans Powder Coatings Polyfine 9900TM

        Polyfine 9900TM is a premium ultra fine powder coatings with special formulation. The premium properties are contributed by is special resin, which can be cured to very dense high molecular structure, Polyfine 9900TM coating is designed for application of many special situations. It performs very strong anti corrosion properties and extremely excellent flexibility, especially anti water propertied under high temperature and high pressure. The coating is used for heavy protection on steel substrate on heating water container in appliance and solar heating industry, as well as internal side stripe for welded food can and beverage can bodies, welded cans coatings. Polyfine 9900TM coating is very stable in high voltage condition, providing excellent adhesion and electrical insulation properties, meeting all specifications of best thermal plastic powder coatings and protest metal components on special environments. Polyfine 9900TM is made of ultra fine powder coatings, with very fine powder particle sizes, leading to very thin and smooth coating surface.