PVDF Introduction  


  • The most excellent finish coat for metallic structures, protecting the appearence of buildings while being easily washable, maintaining its original colour through decades.

  • Contains 70% content of PVDF resin. The C-F bond is the most stable chemical bond for this type of coating.

  • Fluoropolymer liquid coatings and fluoropolymer powder coatings both require a permit prior to purchase. Only after a strict quality evaluation of the plant to ensure its quality can the coating company purchase and use fluoropolymer materials.

  • Fluorofine has signed a 20 year quality assurance agreement for our fluoropolymer powder coatings coating plant.
    PVDF molecules have very strong chemical bonds and a stable structure, the key to its high durability   The Fitzpatrick nuclear power plant made in 1971 used a PVDF fluoropolymer coating, ensuring agelong protection for the building exterior
    The Ginna nuclear powder plant built in 1967 used a PVDF fluoropolymer coating. Today, the buildings still retain their first colours.
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  • ATOFINA Kynar 500
  • SOLVAY Hylar 5000

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