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Metallic Powder Coatings Technology


        Traditional metallic powder coatings use dry mixing, inorganic capsules, and Bonding technologies, but there has always been a number of technical problems associated with it. Compared to liquid coatings, the pigments of metallic powder coatings during the spraying and solidification process do not have the environment provided by liquid solvents, resulting in a few common problems: The efficiency of metallic pigments during powder utilization is greatly different than normal powder coatings, inducing colour instability, with the recycled powder having large colour mismatches, rendering them unusable. The metallic pigments also do not have inorganic capsules, giving the coating bad corrosion-resistant properties, especially since it will drastically turn dark when used in outdoor environments.

        During solidification, the metallic pigment arrangement is fairly poor. Adding large amounts of metallic pigment results in a rough coating that forms no paint film, resulting in a coating that is unable to obtain a surface luster and gloss required for the metallic quality.

        Because of the problems associated with metallic powder coatings, many products still only use liquid coatings, which greatly restricts the continued advancement and use of powder coatings.

        Fineshine Tech's dedicated scientists have sought to find a solution to the series of problems surrounding the metallic coating. With the most advanced nanotechnology and colloid chemistry techniques, by encapsulating the metal and pearlescent pigments in special nanomaterials, it becomes more stable and resin-compatible. Through their hard work, in the course of a few years Fineshine scientists have made a series of breakthrough discoveries in the field of powder coatings. This new type of Ultrafine metallic powder coatings is called Metafine, and it successfully resolves all of shortcomings of traditional metallic powder coatings, completely changing the status of metallic powder coatings:

  • This type of coating can obtain a coating with a metal sheen. Using conventional techniques, the amount of added metallic pigments should usually not exceed 4% in content, otherwise risks the resulting coating becoming rough and dry. It thus becomes difficult to reach the high luster needed for that metallic quality. With our new technology, Fineshine can add up to as much 15% - 20% of the metallic pigments in content while still retaining a smooth paint film. The obtained effect on the coating makes it look like an actual metal. Fineshine's new technology can prepare almost all metal colours that liquid coatings can, including various high gloss metal colours subject to the customer's needs.

  • Results in a very smooth and flat coating surface using Ultrafine Powder and nanotechnology. Instances of coarseness or unevenness do not exist on the paint film of any metallic powder coating that has been prepared using Fineshine's new technology. This has revolutionary signficance for metallic powder coatings.

  • The corrosion-resistant property of the metallic coating is greatly increased. Traditional metallic powder coatings the serious flaw of rapidly turning dark when exposed to the air. Fineshine's new technology has it so that the metallic pigments are encapsulated by inorganic nano-materials, making it extremely stable and gloss retentive. The colour is retained for a longer period of time. Fineshine's new technology even allows for production of highly pearlescent products that are completely alkali and acid resistant.

  • Greatly enhanced performance with less colour aberration. The powder is recyclable and reusable, and the process itself is more stable. In traditional metallic powder coatings, because of the difference in charged properties between the resin and traditional metallic pigments, the content amount of metallic pigments in the recycled powder can be greatly changed, rendering it harder to use. The metallic powder produced through Fineshine's new technology however have the same charge properties as the resin, so the colour mismatch is minute, and the entire batch can be recycled can be reused as well. As the colour difference is lowered, the squandered cost of wasted powder is also greatly reduced.
        The innovative metallic powder coatings technology is a great contribution to the powder coatings industry. It solves many of the upsets in the coatings process. This has tremendous significance for the overall implementation of coil and spray coatings production of automobiles.