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PVDF Fluoropolymer Powder Coatings Technology


        There are several revolutionary improvements in FluorofineTM   PVDF powder coatings. FineshinePowderTM, ultra fine powder coatings technology invented at Fineshine makes its thin and smooth coating. Special acrylic modification contributes to its excellent adhesion and maintains advantage of one coat process of powder coatings. And special manufacture technology (such as dry blending invention) leads to its low production cost and stable and quick delivering ability.

        Fluorofine has a 70% content of PVDF resin, and is prepared with the same types of inorganic ceramic pigments and additives. Powder coatings undergo a unique preparation process. The resulting coating has the same composition and the same weathering performance, corrosion resistant feature, and excellent mechanical properties.

        Having met and exceeded the high AAMA 2605 (98) standards set by the American Institute of Architects for metallic structures, Fluorofine can ensure that your buildings retain their original colour and look long after they are applied.

  • Contains a 70% content of PVDF resin. Proven to be the best portions in PVDF coatings for metal structures.
  • Classified as a high-class inorganic ceramic pigment, having passed 10 years of Florida's solar insolation tests.
  • Can be cured on conventional coatings lines.
  • Employs break through technology, giving powder coatings a liquid coatings like smoothness.
  • Rigorous license system ensures the best of quality.
Fluorofine Quality Assurance
Fluorofine and the AAMA2605(98) Standard
Fluorofine's License System