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Self-Cleaning Grime-Resistant Nanotechnology


Nanostructured grime-resistant self-cleaning fluoropolymer coating

        The nanostructured grime-resistant self-cleaning fluoropolymer coating is a PVDF fluoropolymer coating that is internationally recognized as the best kind of coating for metal structures, having performed well in over decades of weathering tests. This kind of coating is an essential pick for any customer in need of a high-quality metal coating. With lack of such a product, the need for anti-dirty fluoropolymer coatings has increasingly grown over the years.

        Recently, the breakthroughs in nanotechnology have brought this once only suggestive idea into fruition. After years of hard work, Fineshine's leading team of scientists in Canada have successfully developed a type of coatings that is employs anti-dirty technology and have made it commercially availabe.

The lotus leaf surface uniquely expels water-based molecules  
The water drop washes off the hydrophilic and oleophilic dirt particles
The lotus leaf surface uniquely expels oil-based molecules  
Its special nanostructure makes the lotus leaf hydrophobic and oleophobic

The special nanostructure of the lotus leaf gives it a miraculous self-cleaning ability. Scientist have taken to mimicking this property. With the continuous development of nanomaterials, the use of these materials in surface coatings with the grime-resistant self-cleaning property has become a reality.
  • Can be applied on decor for metal buildings or internal and external Aluminum plates.
  • Prepared utilizing special nanostructures.
  • Self-cleaning grime-resistant coating.

        The self-cleaning grime-resistant coating is currently a hot topic in the coatings industry. By inlaying nanomaterials into the coating, a special nanostructure will form on its surface, giving it hydrophobic and oleophobic properties. The coating surface has the ability to adsorb dirt particles, due to the attraction and electrostatic adsorption effect between the coating and dirt particles. This is why buildings always attract dust and are easily dirtied.

        The self-cleaning grime-resistant coating has a special nanostructure, giving it a relatively strong repellent force against water and dust. Even though the adsorption will cause grime to accumulate onto the surface of the coating, when it rains a mutual attraction will occur between the rain water and dust particles, while the coating surface repels both. In effect, dust matter will be washed away along with the rain water, thus cleansing the coating. This is the principle behind the technology.

        Fineshine's team of scientists in Canada using the most advanced techniques, lead the development of the self-cleaning grime-resistant technology for PVDF fluoropolymer coatings. After a year of commercial use, it has been widely accepted in the market.

        The Fluorofine Clean product not only retains the excellent characteristics of fluoropolymer coatings, but also has the new self-cleaning grime-resistant property. For specific information please contact us or our clients.