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PVDF Fluoropolymer Stone Imitate Spray Coatings Technology


The stone imitate aluminum plate fluoropolymer coating

        With over 10 years of accredited weathering resistant properties, the PVDF Fluoropolymer coating is recognized as the best for metal construction, and one of the finest types of high-grade metal coating. Fineshine's colour working engineers have introduced a new series of stone imitate fluoropolymer coatings. The stone imitate aluminum veneer is best put to effect on higher-level walls, identical to that of the real stone placed at lower decks to reduce costs as well as give structural architects more choices in their design. Not only will the coating have the exact same look as the lower decks, it also has the outstanding performance quality of a Fluoropolymer coating.
The higher level deck fluoropolymer aluminum veneers has the same appearance as the real stone of lower decks
Stone imitate sample 1   Stone imitate sample 2
Stone imitate sample 3   Stone imitate sample 4

As opposed to the actual stone material, the fluoropolymer stone imitate aluminum veneer has the following advantages:
  • lightweight
  • low cost
  • easy installation
  • environmentally friendly
  • self-cleaning and grime-resistant
  • lasts longer than real stone

        The stone imitate fluoropolymer coatings has the exact same excellent properties as regular fluoropolymer coatings, only with 1-to-1 stone-like visual patterns. When placed in the same building with real stone on a lower level, there would not be any discernable differences between the two. We have used this kind of coating on numerous buildings, and the consensus is that real stone and our stone imitate veneer look extremely alike.

        At present, our matured technology has already been recognized by many architectural designers. Whether it be the walls or the structure of the building itself, use of this coating will greatly reduce costs. We provide architects with a greater selection of choices, allowing the client to save on spending while achieving the same visual effect.